UV50 Economic Engines: No. 1 Colliers


CITY Pleasant Grove FOUNDED 1999 EMPLOYEES 260 in Utah INDUSTRY Commercial Real Estate WEBSITE Colliers.com CHAIRMAN Brandon Fugal, 46 THE COMPANY A real estate services and investment company.


  1. Colliers International closed more than $3.1 billion in transactions over the past year in Utah.
  2. Colliers International has 14,000 professionals in more than 500 offices in 68 countries. Colliers is the fastest-growing publicly traded commercial real estate firm in the world.
  3. The Utah operation of Colliers International boasts 260 full-time professionals in five offices, providing state-wide coverage.
  4. Colliers International is the only full-service commercial real estate office in Utah County.
  5. In Utah County, Colliers controls 84.64 percent of the market share, making it the most dominant commercial real estate office in the country within a major metro area.

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