UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 22 Big Leap


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 269% 2018 REVENUE $7.3 million CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2008 EMPLOYEES 76 INDUSTRY Digital Marketing WEBSITE BigLeap.com FOUNDER Bryan Phelps, 35 THE COMPANY A digital marketing agency specializing in four core channels: SEO, content marketing, social media and marketing automation.


Big Leap is a big deal. It has 555+ clients (including the likes of PluralSight, BambooHR, Alphagraphics and Wandrd). It was ranked the No. 1 SEO agency by Clutch. Its client retention rate is off the charts. And it more than doubled its office space this year to accommodate growth.


  1. “Revenue growth.”
  2. “Client retention.”
  3. “eNPS.”


TOP 3 EMOTIONS “Gratitude. Optimism. Stress.”

BUSINESS HAPPINESS “When people are promoted. We focus a ton on internal development and promotions, so it’s fun to see someone work hard and move up.”

BUSINESS FRUSTRATION “Disconnects. I get frustrated by communication or expectation gaps that could’ve been prevented.”

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT “Our big focus has been building a sustainable business that can survive the storms. We may not be growing as fast as we possibly can, but we know we’ve built a good foundation that can survive the ups and downs.”


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