UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 23 DOMO


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 245% 2018 REVENUE $139.7 million CITY American Fork FOUNDED 2010 EMPLOYEES 800 INDUSTRY Enterprise Software WEBSITE Domo.com FOUNDER Josh James, 46 THE COMPANY A cloud-based software company for digital transformation that connects all the people, data and systems in an organization, empowering anyone to manage their business from their phone.


It’s all blue billboards and big success for the publicly-traded Domo. Led by iconic leadership and an all-inclusive culture (regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, age or faith), the Domosapiens are pioneering invaluable technology and transforming an industry.


  1. “Customers.”
  2. “Customers.”
  3. “Customers.”


TOP 3 EMOTIONS “Excited. Proud. Driven.”

BUSINESS HAPPINESS “When I hear how Domo is changing people’s businesses. Just this past week, I heard a partner ask, ‘What kind of voodoo is this?’ And I had another one say, ‘I never want to go back to life before Domo.’”

BUSINESS SADNESS “I try not to feel sad at work.”

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT “The ups and downs are separate moments of time I appreciate — it’s all about making informed decisions. Risks have the potential to move the ball down the field faster than any other method or with greater positive impact. Sometimes these risks don’t pan out, but when they do, they’re transformational.”


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