UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 25 Four Foods Group


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 128% 2018 REVENUE $181.1 million CITY American Fork FOUNDED 2008 EMPLOYEES 5,325 INDUSTRY Food and Beverage WEBSITE FourFoodsGroup.com FOUNDERS Andrew K. Smith, 44; Shauna K. Smith, 41 THE COMPANY A restaurant investment, development and management company focused on emerging brands. looking for hyper growth.


One in a billion, this one. Four Foods Group breached $1 billion in total sales since its inception, which also means they’ve paid more than $325 million in salaries and payroll during that time. Oh, and chances are you’re dining at one of their tasty brands on the daily: Swig. Mo’Bettahs. Little Caesars. R&R Barbeque. Kneaders.


  1. “Acquire 10-12 new brands.”
  2. “Grow those brands.”
  3. “Generate another billion dollars or more in economic impact for the communities we serve.”


TOP 3 EMOTIONS “Excitement. Positivity. Accountability.

BUSINESS HAPPINESS “To walk past people smiling, and realize they have stuck with us for years and years.”

BUSINESS SADNESS “When someone chooses to throw loyalty away due to emotions.”

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT “Even when we are on the downhill slope of a roller coaster, we don’t want to freak everyone else out. So we remain calm and positive.”


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