UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 30 Goodwin Media


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 37% 2018 REVENUE $2.3 million CITY Highland FOUNDED 2006 EMPLOYEES 20 INDUSTRY Marketing WEBSITE GoodwinMedia.com FOUNDER Stewart Goodwin, 38 THE COMPANY An agency that offers creative web solutions and data-driven marketing strategies.


Good on you, Goodwin Media. In its 13-year history, this sleek company has 10x’d over 10 companies and 2x’d to 6x’d dozens more. And their sleek clients (past and present) include Sundance Mountain Resort, Baby Bling, Nena & Co., Lulu & Roo, Rags to Raches, Fawn Design, Chatbooks, Health Catalyst and more.


  1. “Continue to scale the brands we work with.”
  2. “Create new brands or joint venture with existing brands.”
  3. “Top secret. But if we can pull it off, it will have a huge impact.”


TOP 3 EMOTIONS “Anxiousness. Excitement. Gratitude.”

BUSINESS HAPPINESS “Exceeding customers’ expectations and the excitement when we have major breakthroughs are the best.”

BUSINESS FRUSTRATION “Lack of trust in our process.”

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT “When things get scary or the unknown starts to weigh heavily, we double down on giving our clients our A-game and delivering as much value as we can. As soon as our focus turns outward, things tend to self-correct.”


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