THREE-YEAR GROWTH 1,132% 2018 REVENUE $211.2 million CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2013 EMPLOYEES 233 INDUSTRY E-commerce WEBSITE Pattern.com FOUNDERS David Wright; Melanie Alder THE COMPANY A provider of full suite monitoring, compliance, sales, advertising, fulfillment and growth services for third-party sellers who operate on platforms like Amazon, eBay, Jet.com and more.


Follow this pattern. The first iteration of Pattern began in Alder’s office, then living room, and then entire house. Now this digital sales strategist has stitched together a high-growth pattern by being partner-obsessed and math-focused from their new digs at Innovation Point.


“Hit a billion in revenue within four years.”


TOP 3 EMOTIONS “Obsessed. Excited. Positive.”

BUSINESS HAPPINESS “Taking the stress of e-commerce off of a brand and scaling their digital sales faster than they thought possible.”

BUSINESS SADNESS “When we hit a roadblock and feel discouraged. But usually our hardest conversations end up with us being excited again because we’ve solved one of the problems we were running into.”

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT “We don’t care about titles, but we each have our roles and we share a vision to follow our strategy for growth.”

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