UV50 Startups To Watch: No. 1 Enso Rings


FOUNDED 2015 CITY Lehi EMPLOYEES 85 INDUSTRY E-commerce WEBSITE EnsoRings.com FOUNDERS Brighton Jones; Aaron Dalley, 36 THE COMPANY A modern alternative to metal rings.


Here’s the ring around: This silicone superstar has sold more than 2 million rings in 110 countries. They have 100k+ glowing reviews. They have 150k followers on Instagram. They’ve disrupted the wedding ring industry. And they’re a multi-million dollar company with their finger on the pulse of a new generation.


  1. “Wholesale opportunities. The demand is truly global.”
  2. “Expand the catalog.”
  3. “In our Rings for a Reason program, we have an exclusive partnership with Global Citizen where we’re trying to eradicate extreme poverty by 2030. It’s projects and causes like this that motivate us to work even harder.”


TOP 3 EMOTIONS “Gratitude. Excitement. Motivation.” BUSINESS HAPPINESS “Our Rings for a Reason program. It’s just the best thing we do.”

BUSINESS FRUSTRATION “In these early stages of business, wearing all 13 business hats is tough. We have made a conscious effort to do what we do best as founders — and then to hire great people and let them do what they do best. This minimizes most, if not all, frustrations.”

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT “We get to work on something greater than ourselves and share it with the world. What could be better than that?”


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