UV50 Startups To Watch: No. 10 Localfluence


FOUNDED 2016 CITY Lehi EMPLOYEES 13 INDUSTRY Technology WEBSITE Localfluence.com FOUNDER Scott Linford, 39; Becca Gonzalez Tomkinson, 31; Devin Despain, 31; Mike Wille, 34; Joe Turner, 44 THE COMPANY A platform that gives brands the ability to increase their word of mouth through locals with influence.


Word of mouth, meet 2019. Localfluence is bringing the influencer world of marketing to the masses — and it’s a win for both companies and customers. The easy-to-use platform helps businesses grow their brands through authentic reviews and social posts (while customers get delicious perks). Companies like R&R Barbeque, Kneaders, Scheels, Kid-to-Kid and Goodwin Media are fans of the socially outgoing app, which expanded into three new markets and has grown by 50 percent in user redemptions over the last 12 months.


  1. “Bring an effective and affordable way of advertising to local businesses.”
  2. “Grow to 1 million user base.”
  3. “Be in 10 new markets by the end of 2020.”


TOP 3 EMOTIONS “Pressure. Fulfillment. Pride.”

BUSINESS HAPPINESS “Those brief periods of time when all our moving parts are flowing without interruption.”

BUSINESS SADNESS “Unsuccessful product launches.”

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT “I try to pull out of the negative headspace. If I find myself focused on a negative situation or continually complaining, I have a little talk with myself.”


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