UV50 Startups To Watch: No. 3 Route


FOUNDED 2019 CITY Lehi EMPLOYEES 65 INDUSTRY Technology/Consumer Application WEBSITE Route.com FOUNDER Evan Walker, 39 THE COMPANY An app that allows customers to visually track packages from anywhere, all in one place.


Well, it’s a Route time! Founder Evan Walker ordered some rare antiques when he was traveling through Italy, but he quickly became concerned with having no way to visually track his shipments home. Enter Route. This app is revolutionizing the way packages are tracked and delivered, and even offers package protection when items are purchased from one of their thousands of brand partner sites. Route is backed by Lloyd’s of London, has an additional office in LA, and will have 100 employees by the end of the year. Route of sight, peace of mind.


  1. “Launch a mobile app that changes the way e-commerce works.”
  2. “Create an app that shapes Route into a ubiquitous brand.”
  3. “We’ll save the rest for later.”


TOP 3 EMOTIONS “Celebration. Lucky. Purpose.”

BUSINESS HAPPINESS “Getting to the next level is addicting while growing a company. That doesn’t mean headcount, but progress and transition. It’s milestone driven.”

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT “Navigating is so much easier because of the people on my team. They have experience and are still so hungry to change the world. It makes the ride a hell of a lot easier.”


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