UV50 Startups To Watch: No. 5 SmartShyp


FOUNDED 2016 CITY Lehi EMPLOYEES 18 INDUSTRY E-commerce WEBSITE SmartShyp.com FOUNDERS Tyler Babb, 33; Chris Wright, 44 THE COMPANY A company that helps businesses ship, track and protect online orders.


SmartShyp is setting sail for e-commerce paradise. Automation rules. Bulk editing. Batch processing. Low rates. This game-changing platform for retailers connects to all the giants — Amazon.com, Jane, eBay, Shopify — and has already shipped more than $150 million in consumer products for its customers. Plus, SmartShyp’s rapid growth will undoubtedly have it landing on our Fastest-Growing Companies list next year. (We shyp it.)


  1. “Be the obvious choice for shipping software.”
  2. “Deliver an adaptable shipping solution that drives speed and simplicity.”
  3. “Elevate our users’ customer experience.”


TOP 3 EMOTIONS “Optimism. Gratitude. Stress.”

BUSINESS HAPPINESS “I love seeing the entrepreneurial spirit thrive within our team and fuel our growth.”

BUSINESS SADNESS “It makes me sad to think about our competitors losing their market share to SmartShyp. But that usually only lasts a few seconds, then I’m happy again.”

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT “Never dwell on the small things you don’t control. Just move forward. Michael Jordan said, ‘Nothing of value comes without being earned.’ I’m constantly looking for wins each day, regardless of how small, and am constantly celebrating them.”


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