UV50 Startups To Watch: No. 8 glassFROGG


FOUNDED 2019 CITY American Fork EMPLOYEES 11 INDUSTRY Healthcare/Technology WEBSITE GlassFrogg.com FOUNDERS Lucien Morin, 48; Jake Fackrell, 47; Bob Spencer, 47 THE COMPANY A patent-pending technology to crowdsource medical bills.


The medical bills will see you now. glassFROGG has a revolutionary take on a famously unpredictable industry. With medical prices all over the map, the app enables users to upload medical bills (with privacy) and offers “data” to the community at large. The goal? Drive down the prices of healthcare with transparency. Having launched just this year, glassFROGG already has 1,500+ registered users, 1,700 bills submitted, and an executive team of seasoned entrepreneurs. How’s that for insurance?


  1. “10,000 users in Utah by Dec. 31, 2019.”
  2. “20,000 bills uploaded by Dec. 31, 2019.”
  3. “Expand nationally by Dec. 31, 2020.”


TOP 3 EMOTIONS “Passion. Excitement. Hope.”

BUSINESS HAPPINESS “Creating opportunity and economic stability for those who work for me.”

BUSINESS SADNESS “Emails ruin my life! Stop emailing me!”

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT “I keep my eye on a target 2-3 years out. You can’t let highs and lows each week distract from where you can realistically end up in a few short years.”


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