A Taste of Cuba


In August 2019, Fillings and Emulsions organized a bake sale raising money to help support children at the Mexico border. This is a cause close to the heart of executive chef Adalberto Diaz, who emigrated from Cuba to Utah. Within seven hours of the bake sale, Fillings and Emulsions raised $47,000. “It was touching to see the community come out for him and his cause,” says Katie Ray, co-owner of Fillings and Emulsions. “Sharing is such a big part of who we are.”

By Jayna Smith

Adalberto Diaz, executive chef and co-owner of Fillings and Emulsions, opens the deck oven, stops everything and exclaims, “Come and look at these. Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?”

Adalberto has been baking since he was young and has created thousands of pastries, breads and meat pies but is still astounded by each batch. His passion has never gone cold.

Fillings and Emulsions is a Latin and eclectic patisserie. The use of French techniques and Chef Adalberto’s heritage of Cuban flavors bring a new taste to Provo. Desserts use tropical flavors such as passion fruit, guava and blood orange. Dedicated to being unique and keeping the traditional tastes, Fillings and Emulsions cooks up Cuban colors, textures and flavors.

The original Fillings and Emulsions bakery is in Salt Lake. In March 2019, they brought their recipes to Utah County with a Provo Center Street storefront. Provo location co-owner, Katie Ray, greets each guest like she knows them.

“We’ll have people come in and say, ‘We’ve never seen anything like this before,’” Katie says. “The best part of spending every day here is seeing the faces of our customers when they try our products.”

In preparation for the holiday season, Fillings and Emulsions has online ordering for easy pick-up of dinner rolls, cakes, tarts and more.


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