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“Take security seriously. There are a lot of companies that are naive and don’t realize they are targets. We work with clients in financial services, law and other areas that are constantly being bombarded by malicious software attempting to take data hostage.”


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Alakazam makes IT problems disappear like magic.

“We take a proactive approach to IT,” Gavin Brewer says. “My industry is very reactive, but we find that the best defense is a good offense.”

Alakazam works with clients to develop systems and best practices to quantifiably improve performance, security and return on investment. Alakazam technicians become friends with clients and proactively work to train new employees, monitor efficiency daily and stay on top of any potential challenges.

“We become the IT departments for our clients,” Gavin says. “We work side-by-side with clients to make sure they are managing their hardware resources, limiting the risk of malicious access and ensuring that they know exactly what we’re doing for them, when we’re doing it and why.”

It’s a far cry from when Brewer worked his way through college at various jobs and waited days for IT assistance — if any came at all.

“I remember having a phone number taped to my computer screen that I called if I needed anything,” Gavin says. “Most of the time, no one would answer from our IT services provider. If they did answer, it took four or five days to get anything addressed. We work to change that perception for clients.”

In fact, Alakazam technicians help new clients deal with what Gavin coined as Post Tech Stress Disorder — their own sort of PTSD.

“Our techs would find that some of our new partners had a negative view of IT services,” Gavin says. “We would explain that it came from frustrating past experiences. Now, we look for those symptoms and work with companies to overcome that perception, giving them a more positive view of our partnership.”

Now, not only do Alakazam business partners appreciate the professionalism and expertise provided by the area IT leader (with clients in 35 states), but they become friends.

“We have clients that will have a Dr Pepper in the fridge for our tech when he comes out,” Gavin says. “Last year, we had the flu run through our office and we received ‘get-well’ cards and phone calls from clients. That means a lot and we love it.”

Gavin and his team become integrated with client companies and become the IT department. Their best results come from opportunities to integrate into the client company’s culture, experience and decision-making processes.

Alakazam becomes the IT department that makes problems disappear like magic — perfectly planned, meticulously maintained magic.

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Alakazam offers the finest in IT services, including  networking, client support, security, Voip services, hardware, and servers.


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