The Employer Connector: A New and Innovative Platform Connecting Employees with Low-Cost Medical Procedures


Employees pay for most of their medical care, even if they have health insurance. Medical bills can result in thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs each year, creating a financial crisis for employees that glassFROGG wants to change.

“Employees need to understand that medical costs can fluctuate as much as 90 percent, and accessing useful data to connect with the lowest prices for medical care can save thousands of dollars on routine procedures, ” says Lucien Morin, co-founder of glassFROGG.

Now, glassFROGG is adding The Employer Connector to their list of innovative products.

“Most employers want to help their employees find solutions to the high costs of medical care, and the best solution to this problem is access to good data,” Morin says.

With The Employer Connector, small businesses can provide employees with a powerful data platform that connects them with the lowest cost when they need a medical procedure.

“Originally, our intent was a direct-to-consumer solution — and it still is — but we observed a need with these smaller companies that we want to fill,” Morin says. “We’ve put together a solution for the small employer space to connect employees with affordable medical care.”

When businesses sign up for The Employer Connector, they provide their employees with:

  • Powerful Data Platform — The platform provides access to more data than any other glassFROGG product to connect employees with greater savings and options.
  • Concierge Support — The glassFROGG team will work closely with employees to connect them with low cost options, answer questions, and provide assistance throughout the process.
  • Special Deals and Savings — Employees will connect with offers and incentives only available on The Employer Connector platform.
  • Rx Savings — Employees are connected with powerful tools to find the best price for prescriptions at local pharmacies or with online solutions.
  • Telemed – Employees can connect with doctors over phone calls or via Skype, any time of the day, every day of the year, and for $0 co pay.

Every glassFROGG product — including the The Employer Connector and the glassFROGG app — is meant to help consumers protect their families’ health at a fair and reduced price.

“We need to spend less on medical care, not more on insurance premiums,” Morin says. “Connecting with good data is how employers can put thousands of dollars back into their employees’ pockets.”

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How glassFROGG Works

After downloading glassFROGG, users upload photos of medical bills, rate their experience and answer a couple questions. The charges listed on those medical bills are reviewed by glassFROGG and posted in the search results of the app.

“We can crowdsource to solve one of the biggest problems facing American families,” says co-founder Lucien Morin. “People should not live in fear that a medical emergency will ruin them financially. We can change that if we have access to good data. The best data is sitting in our homes all over Utah — it’s the medical bills we receive from hospitals and clinics. So we built an app to allow people to share this information to help everyone access information about medical expenses in Utah.”

The result is a powerful database that allows glassFROGG users to see detailed pricing information, including billed rates, contracted insurance rates, provider ratings and user comments.

Since launching February 2019, the glassFROGG app has grown to include thousands of users and data submissions, and it continues to grow every day.

“People like you and me need to be more engaged if we are going to fix the industry, and we have the information in our hands to fix it,” Morin says. “The healthcare system in the U.S. is definitely complicated, but the solution to making the cost of medical procedures more affordable is really not that complicated. We need to give people access to good data that allows them to choose medical procedures at a fair price.”


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