How to Crack Down on Screen Time


By Andrea Davis, Co-creator of and @BetterScreenTime on Instagram

Technology Plan

Help your family cut down screen time by creating a family technology plan with your kids. Define screen-free spaces in your home, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Talk about where, when, and how long your family will use screens and what you’ll use them for. Defining boundaries ahead of time will help you and your kids hold one another accountable!

Count the Ways

Together, create a list of ways to unwind without screens and hang it on the fridge. The next time someone is bored or glued to their device, you can encourage them to do something on the list. Challenge yourself to do something on the list, too! Pick up that dusty guitar again, or go on a run.

Charging Station

Create a central family charging station for devices when you’re at home. This helps parents focus on important things like reading Harry Potter at bedtime or late night chats with their teens. You’ll find that text messages can wait, and your kids will learn to set their own devices aside after watching you. With these simple strategies, you’ll spend less time worrying about screens and more time connecting with your kids!


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