How to Create Your First Piece of Art


By Jenedy Paige, artist

Well, I’d say we all created our “first piece of art” a long time ago.

You must begin with a reason. I strongly believe unless you begin with a motive, it can be hard to muster the energy just to squirt the first color onto your palette. However, if you have a defined purpose, then when challenges arise, you will have the drive to keep moving forward.

Do you have complex emotions to explore? Do you want to improve your technical skill? Are you hoping to create a smile on someone’s face? Are you trying to communicate a message? Or do you simply enjoy applying paint to a surface? Once you have a reason, then all you need to do is collect some materials and get to work.

Materials can be found anywhere. You can paint on canvas, wood, aluminum, copper, an old cabinet, glass, masonite or paper. You can paint with watercolors, acrylic, gouache, ink or oils. You can apply the paint with a brush, trowel, painting knife, toothbrush, squirt bottle or your fingers. You can splash, splatter, scrape, drag, push and pull paint. It really is infinite in its possibilities.

Discoveries will be made. You will find that as you create with meaning, the exploration of the painting practice will lead to examinations within yourself as well. Painting can be a type of meditation that allows the brain to process experiences as you process the paint. So get to work, get messy, get up to your elbows in paint, get lost in your thoughts and find beauty without and within.


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