How to Do Everything Better


Start 2020 with these 21 life hacks from hometown experts. How to get off the couch and prepare for a half marathon without dying? Check. How to foster independence in children? Yep. You’ll even learn when to keep said children home from school. Time to up your game.

  1. How to Know What the Heck is Happening in Washington by Rep. John Curtis
  2. How to Prepare for Your First Half Marathon in 5 Easy Steps by Holly Hardy
  3. How to Cook a Perfect Steak at Home by Ryan Crafts
  4.  How to Pick Out the Perfect Sofa by Stephanie Holdaway
  5. How to Prepare for a Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by Paige Holland
  6. How to Take an Awesome Pic of Your Child With a Cell Phone by Angie Clayson
  7. How to Take a House Plan From Napkin to Legit by B.J. Chandler
  8. How to Be An Informed City Resident … Without Being Annoying by Cyd LeMone
  9. How to Know When to Keep Your Child Home From School by Cami Kesler
  10. How to Crack Down On Screen Time by Andrea Davis
  11. How to Show Your Patriotism By Flying an American Flag by Kyle Fox
  12. How to Plan Your First Hike Up Timp by Ben Wolsey
  13. How to Maintain Healthy Relationships With Your Adult Children by Connie Sokol
  14. How to Create Your First Piece of Art by Jenedy Paige
  15. How to Make a Quick Meme Even If You Don’t Know Photoshop by Rhonna Farrer
  16. How to Connect With New People by Jeff Rust
  17. How to Update Your Church Look by Jason Winn
  18. How to Maximize the Selling Price Of Your Home by Sheralyn Bennett
  19. How to Raise Independent Children by Camille Aagard
  20. How to Improve Grandma’s Roll Recipe by Angie Phipps
  21. Bonus! How to Approach Adversity with Humor by Christopher Clark
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