How to Know What the Heck is Happening in Washington


By Rep. John Curtis U.S. Congressman representing Utah’s 3rd congressional district and former mayor of Provo


  • Look at sources on both sides of the issue and decide for yourself. Separate “politics” and “policy,” and don’t be afraid to get in the weeds to learn more about issues you care about.
  • Cross-reference what you read on social media with trusted sources.
  • Check out your representative online directly.
  • Sign up for your representatives’ newsletters and follow them on social media. (Find me at @repjohncurtis)
  • Read press releases directly on your representatives’ websites. If there’s a specific issue or topic you feel is going unnoticed or untouched, ask questions.
  • Take the time to visit the Utah office of your representative. Staff is always willing to listen and inform.


  • Don’t watch cable news as your main source of information. A lot gets lost when we only intake information through our echo chambers.
  • Don’t just wait to hear about it on the news. Find the committee website and watch the hearing or markup of the bill directly.
  • Don’t hesitate to call or write into representatives’ offices.

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