How to Plan Your First Hike Up Timp


By Ben Wolsey, hiker of Timpanogos 1,029 times who is known as “That Guy” on the mountain

Plan on up to 9 ½ hours for your first ascent. The last week of July and first two weeks of August have the best flowers. To avoid crowds and heat, hike in September after Labor Day. I like to arrive by 5 a.m. for cooler temps and to guarantee a parking spot in the Timpanooke lot.

  1. Footwear. It can be anything from boots to tennis shoes. Wear something comfortable and already broken in. I have seen nasty blisters from new boots and never-worn shoes.
  2. Water. I drink eight ounces at the trailhead. In the summer and early fall I drink between 60 and 70 ounces during the hike. Drink as you go and don’t wait until you are dehydrated.
  3. Things to bring. Sunscreen, Band-Aids, Pepto Bismol, Moleskin Tape, toilet paper, required medications, light windbreaker for early mornings and at the summit.
  4. Buddies. Hike with someone who has hiked it before. They can offer encouragement and perspective to help a first-timer reach their goal.

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