How to Take a House Plan From Napkin to Legit


By B.J. Chandler, general manager of Millhaven Homes in Lindon

When determining home plan ideas, start with visiting the Utah Valley Parade of Homes with a $30 laser room measuring device and see what room sizes feel right. If the Parade isn’t going on, connect with a builder that has ongoing projects and walk construction sites. Use the measuring device to see how various rooms feel. Create a journal of what you learn.

From there, start to think about the rooms you’d like and think through how you want to use your home. Feel free to sketch some ideas on a napkin, graph paper or the computer. But then let professional designers and planners take over. Just as you wouldn’t “map out” how a surgeon should perform a surgery, you don’t want to tell a professional home designer exactly how you want your home. Remember that your home will be the most expensive thing you buy in your whole life.

Give the professionals realistic, helpful input. And then trust them.


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