How to Take an Awesome Pic of Your Child With a Cell Phone


By Angie Clayson, owner and photographer of Angie Clayson Photography, Spanish Fork

  1. Make sure your camera lens is clean. Simple right? But this is a big reason phone photos are not crystal clear.
  2. Find the light and avoid the flash. Use natural light, if possible. In outdoor light, move around and see what you like best. Back-lit photos are some of my favorites! Also, I love good sidelight from a window when shooting indoors.
  3. Focus on eyes. Touch the screen on their eyes to dictate the area of focus.
  4. Get a different perspective. Get down low, on their level or shoot from up high, looking down upon them. Grab a step ladder if you need to.
  5. Use burst mode for action shots.
  6. Use the rule of thirds. (Google that if you don’t know what it is.) Most cameras have a grid option built in to help with that.
  7. Shoot candid shots. Not every shot requires that you ask your child to look at you and say “cheese.” We love candid photos of kids in their element, doing what brings them joy.
  8. Capture the details. Get their tiny hands, dirty chubby feet, eyelashes, messy face, etc. Get in real close. You will treasure these photos years from now.
  9. Use an editing software. Snapseed, VSCO or Pic-Tap-Go are good. Don’t go crazy with filters and weird stuff. Use these apps to boost the exposure, change the color a bit, and to sharpen and add contrast.
  10. Shoot a lot of photos. Delete the duds.

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