Emily Jackson, creator of IVL Collective

When Highland’s Emily Jackson told people she wanted to get into the activewear business, they told her the market was oversaturated and highly competitive — but she laced up her entrepreneurial shoes and jumped in anyway. Her self-funded activewear line, IVL Collective, has warmed up in record time.

Jackson’s latest release, an insulated puffer jacket, generated a million dollars in sales in just a couple weeks. The jacket is the newest addition to the brand’s existing line of leggings, tanks and sports bras.

When Jackson started the design process, she used her lifestyle as a mother of four and marathon runner to inform the functionality and technicality of the line. Her expertise as a fashion and style blogger influenced the aesthetics. After working with a designer to create several prototypes, she took her sweet time perfecting every stitch and seam.

“We did multiple rounds of sampling and tweaked the fit a lot,” she explains. “Fit is everything to me! I stood there staring at it for hours, pinning things and drawing on the jacket to have it resampled.”

The result is an incredibly warm and functional jacket with a flattering silhouette customers love.

While Jackson is the brains behind the brand, she utilizes the support of her team and also enlisted the prowess of Freshly Picked founder Susan Petersen to bring structure and sound processes to IVL.

While launching a product and having it take off has been exhilarating (not to mention a relief since she put her savings on the line), the development side has been particularly rewarding.

“It has been so much fun to see my vision come to life,” she says.

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