20 Q’s with Chad Lewis


Chad Lewis (center) is associate athletic director over development at BYU, where he works with Coach Kalani Sitake and Tom Holmoe to raise funds. Photo courtesy BYU Photo.

During the 20th year of Utah Valley Magazine, we’re re-interviewing cover stories with 20 new questions. 

Utah Valley Magazine: What do you remember about being on the cover of Utah Valley Magazine in 2002?

Chad Lewis: It was a great honor at the time, and I still feel the same way now.

UV: What advice would you give the 2002 version of yourself?

Chad: A reminder that time goes much faster than you think. Capture the precious moments with your beautiful kids because they grow up so fast. Kindness is what matters most. Be kind to people.

UV: What moments from the past two decades would you put on your highlight reel?

Chad: My two daughters’ marriages! My son’s mission call to Fresno, Spanish speaking. Hikes I have been on like Mt. Kilimanjaro and multiple Timpanogos/Kings Peak summits. Going to the Super Bowl! The many trips to China and around the world for the NFL. Flying an F-16 in Korea.

UV: If you had a time machine, what day would you choose to relive?

Chad: January 23, 2005! This time when I caught the touchdown at the end of the game, I would spin to catch the ball without tearing my lis franc. Then I would be able to play in the Super Bowl and would catch the game-winning TD to beat the Patriots.

UV: What do you spend more money on now than in 2002?

Chad: Eating with my wife, Michele, on Fridays at Sushi House in American Fork!

UV: What do you spend more time on now than in 2002?

Chad: Schoolwork! Michele and I are both in a master’s program at BYU.

UV: What do you spend less time on now than you did in 2002?

Chad: Lifting weights. I run, bike, swim, hike, do push-ups, and stay active. But I don’t lift weights much anymore.

UV: What did you drive then?

Chad: ’97 Tahoe. After 20 years, a lot of miles, and a bunch of fun family adventures, it finally died.

UV: What do you drive now?

Chad: Audi Q5 from Ken Garff in Lehi.

UV: What are three items still on your bucket list?

Chad: Take Michele to France and walk in the sacred cemetery of Normandy. Visit Xian, China, and see the Terracotta Warriors. Travel with my family and friends to the Holy Land for a week with Elder Holland.

UV: What daily habits play a significant role in who you have become?

Chad: Reading the Book of Mormon in Chinese outloud every morning has been a powerful way to start the day.

UV: What are your emotions watching your son-in-law, Matt Bushman, play your position with a number you’ve also worn?

Chad: He is such a talented tight end. He catches the ball with a true gift. I get pumped every time the ball goes his way. He is a lot better than I was at BYU. And the best part about Matt is the way he treats people. He is a disciple of Jesus Christ.

UV: What phrases do you say regularly to your five sons?

Chad: Let’s make this the best day of your life! Be nice to people. And I love you so much.

UV: What do you follow more closely: College football or NFL?

Chad: College football. Working at BYU, my heart is tied to the Cougs. I love watching our student athletes overcome challenges and rise up to do great things.

UV: What does a typical day look like for you now?

Chad: My job is to run the fund-raising team for BYU’s athletic department and act as the sport administrator for swimming and diving. Utah Valley is absolutely full of great people who want to do their best and help other people at the same time.

UV: Favorite Movie?

Chad: It’s a Wonderful Life.

UV: Favorite Book?

Chad: “The Washington Hypotheses” and “The Lincoln Hypotheses.” Both by Tim Ballard.

UV: Favorite Quote?

Chad: Surround Yourself with Greatness.

UV: Favorite Team?

Chad: Utah Jazz and the three teams where my boys play.

UV: Favorite Song?

Chad: “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” by the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square



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