2020 Fab 40: Amy Kroff


Amy Kroff, Utah’s Mother of the Year

Age 47 • Alpine • Libra

Committing to her children that she’d become a high-end studio photographer pushed Amy to create Amy Kroff Studio. Amy brings her focus on family to her career behind the camera, specializing in “capturing personality and family connection.” In 2019, Amy was named Utah’s 2019 Mother of the Year by American Mothers. Amy and her husband, Paul, adopted three of their seven children, ages 7-20.

Out of This World “I tend to find myself in situations where I ask, ‘Why did I agree to this?’ The craziest was when I woke up in Ethiopia knowing I was going to meet my daughter for the first time: A little girl who was abandoned as a newborn and was living in a severely under-resourced orphanage.”

A Star is Born “Through the entire adoption process, I felt myself growing. We had many heartaches that brought me to my knees. Pushing forward and growing our family defined me as a mom, wife and individual. I got three of the greatest kiddos out of it all, and the love I have for each of my children is the same. We all have an incredible capacity to love.”

Lucky Star “Great things happen to me all the time because I believe they will. I usually find great parking spaces and meet new people at the perfect time. But I really lucked out when I married Paul. He has provided me a life where I dream and learn and grow with 100 percent support no matter how crazy my ideas seem (and there have been some crazy ones).”


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