2020 Fab 40: Angelina Capella


Angelina Capella, Martial Artist

Age 14 • Orem • Gemini

This teen packs a punch. At age 6, Angelina began competing in martial arts nationally. The second time she attended a national competition, she won her first gold medal. Angelina has claimed many impressive titles since. In 2019 alone, Angelina competed in 21 tournaments and was crowned No. 1 in her weight division. Angelina is on Team USA and hopes to attend the 2028 Summer Olympics. Angelina wants to influence people positively and help them evolve into whatever they would like to become.

Starry-Eyed “As a little girl, I loved watching Cole Sprouse and feel like I really saw him grow as a person. I also like how Simon Biles could move on from her injuries. She was able to push through and win Olympic gold medals.”

A Star is Born “My most defining moment so far was my win at the 2018 President’s Cup, which is an international competition. I was going through a rough time and really didn’t have confidence. When I won the competition, I felt my confidence increase. I got my fire back. I realized I wouldn’t let my struggles define me and I wouldn’t let personal issues get to my head.”

Out of This World “The craziest thing I have ever done is do three flips in my room. I almost broke numerous paintings and my desk!”

Lucky Star “I felt incredibly lucky when I made the national team. It was so stressful and then after so many different competitions and stress, it was amazing to see the results. I finally saw all of my hard work pay off.”

Zodiac “I would say Gemini describes me! Geminis can be really shy until you get to know them, and then they can be super loud. That’s totally me.”


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