2020 Fab 40: Ashley Reeves


Ashley Reeves, Instagram Influencer

Age 36 • Lehi • Sagittarius

This “body positive” mom of four runs several online businesses, including a recipe-sharing app Favoreats. Ashley’s Instagram account of more than 127K followers focuses on self love and being confident in your own skin. Ashley teamed up with Allison Falkner to create a training course on how to run a business on Instagram with style. Also, Ashley launched a size-inclusive clothing line with Downeast this month. She showcases her own confidence in regular TikTok videos with her husband, who will be a vice principal at Lone Peak this fall. 

Written in the Stars “I feel like I was born to help women accept themselves and others. I want to include people and give them a place where they feel accepted as they are.”

Starry-Eyed “I’m starstruck by Oprah because she hasn’t used her beauty to get her power and to make a difference. I’m fascinated with her ability to tell other people’s stories.”

Shoot for the Stars “I would love to be in a place where the message I’m sharing is accessible to more people —  to be in every woman’s living room and for them to hear the message I’ve worked hard to articulate about self love and body positivity.”

A Star Is Born “A defining moment was having my first kid. Having children demands you have a bigger long-term picture. I struggled with postpartum depression. It was isolating. One reason I started in this space was to connect with other parents — people who understood what it is like to be in this new phase of life I was in.”


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