2020 Fab 40: Ben Hammond


Ben Hammond, Sculptor

Age 42 • American Fork • Gemini

Ben always knew he wanted to be an artist, but he didn’t discover his passion until he took a sculpting class at Ricks College in 1999. Many years and mentors later, he has sculpted his skills. For the past 13 years, Ben has sculpted busts for the Football Hall of Fame. He is also a newly elected fellow of the National Sculpture Society. Ben grew up in a small town with no name in Southeast Idaho. “The reason I succeeded has more to do with growing up on a farm and learning how to work hard with my dad and grandpa than any level of talent or  the opportunities I was given,” Ben says. This sculptor’s work is headed to the U.S. Capitol later this year.

Written in the Stars “I want to fill the world with beauty, so it’s really important that what I create is beautiful.”

Wish Upon a Star “I want to go back to Florence. It’s the most inspirational place for me.  Every time I think I’m good at what I do, I look at a Michelangelo and realize I’ve got a lot to learn.”

A Star is Born “Who I married is probably the most important decision I made. There aren’t many people who have the patience to suffer through the years of a struggling, starving artist and still continue to believe you’ll be successful.”

Lucky Star “In my 10th year sculpting for the Football Hall of Fame, I attended induction weekend for the first time. They had me and the other sculptor in the Hall of Busts so people couple meet the artists. I couldn’t believe people wanted pictures with me cause I’m the guy who sculpted so-and-so’s bust. I knew it was a big deal, but it didn’t hit me that it was a big deal until that moment.”

Zodiac “I am a Gemini like my Grandma Hall. Growing up, if I ran into her, she’d let me know what the horoscope said that day. She’d say, ‘Benji, it’s going to be a good day for us.’”


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