2020 Fab 40: Chelsea Rippy


Chelsea Rippy, Wellness Coach + Entrepreneur

Age 45 • Highland • Leo

Chelsea’s mind is always spinning on stellar business ideas — and her favorites are those that fill a need for women not currently being met in the market. Chelsea founded Shade Clothing in 2003 and led the modest undershirt movement until 2010 (many women still describe their capsleeves as “Shade shirts,” regardless of the brand). She is now founder and president of Troopwell.com, a one-of-a-kind resource for alternative health and natural healing. Chelsea also hosts “June Edition,” a podcast where she shares stories of healing.

Written in the Stars “I am meant to be a voice to awaken women to their power — specifically their healing power. When women heal, their homes heal and their communities heal. Part of that process is shining a light on false and limiting beliefs. I teach women about their capacity, their gifts and their purpose. We help women overcome ideas that prevent them from stepping into their power.”

Shoot for the Stars “Shade Clothing exploded and had a life of its own, but Troop Wellness, equally as inspired, has been a slow and steady (scary) day-to-day decision to persist and overcome.”

Starry-Eyed “When we share our stories, we help others heal their own. This is where my podcast is heading.”

A Star is Born “Losing my 2 1/2-year-old son and my business in 2010 within a four-month period and the resulting health, identity and faith crisis, was the catalyst that led me on this wild and beautiful healing journey.”


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