2020 Fab 40: Dexonna Talbot


Dexonna Talbot, Miss Utah

Age 20 • Spanish Fork • Capricorn

While her friends know her as Dexonna (pronounced Dijion-a), the rest of the state knows her as Miss Utah. Since she was eight, Dexonna has devoted herself to service, ballet and “Pageant-Land” as she calls it. Young Dexonna was dazzled by pageant participants’ beauty, poise, intelligence, sense of empowerment, and desire to change the world. Through her Miss Utah 2019 title, Dexonna paused her education and pursued her passion for charity. She has focused directly on her own social impact initiative, “servesteem,” or the pattern of building self-esteem through service. This focus is derived from Dexonna’s experience caring for her severely mentally and physically handicapped Great Uncle Lynn. When he passed away, 13-year-old Dexonna realized her hours of service had developed her self-worth.

Shoot for the Stars “A goal I’ve been working on since I was 8 is to be Miss Utah and to inspire every individual I come in contact with. Throughout my reign, I have been given incredible opportunities such as advocating with the LGBTQ movement and serving with WHOlives, which provides drills to Africa to provide clean water wells.”

Lucky Star “Everything we do in life is a culmination of hard work. But how it all began is just luck. I have seen individuals in Vietnam, Africa and Mexico who are living the hardest lives we could imagine. Only luck put me being born where I was to the family I was born to.

Starry-Eyed “Beckanne Sisk is the prima ballerina for Ballet West, and I’ve been watching her since I was 12. She’s the most beautiful human being and a phenomenal ballerina. I danced with Ballet West Academy growing up. When the lead dancers were off-season, they would take some classes with us, and I would melt every time. Beckanne has me starstruck. Almost all of the ballet pieces I’ve performed in pageants are ones I’ve seen her do.”


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