2020 Fab 40: Doran Briscoe


Doran Briscoe, Etch A Sketch Artist

Age 29 • Provo • Libra

Doran Briscoe toys around with art. In high school, Doran learned how to create complicated drawings on an Etch A Sketch. Now he sells his detailed finished products and commissioned work on doranetch.com. His specialty is doodling on the “World’s Smallest” Etch A Sketch, which is about the size of a postage stamp (in Doran’s left hand). “I preserve a finished piece by painstakingly taking out the powder and drawing mechanism, but I always enjoy the panic I see in parents’ faces when a toddler reaches for my piece. They worry their child will wipe out hours of my work with one quick grab,” Doran says.

Written in the Stars “In any area of life, I feel most fulfilled when I’ve made a positive impact and added my flavor to the world.”

Shoot for the Stars “Before I die, I have a goal to play croquet with family and friends on the grounds of all 50 state capitol buildings. Right now I’m at nine.”

Wish Upon a Star “Do I get bonus points if I say world peace? Really though, everyone knows the rules, and I am not about to risk my wishes not coming true by revealing them. Sorry.”

Starry-Eyed “Remember the Etch A Sketch from ‘Toy Story?’ Yeah, I really look up to him, such an inspiration.”

Lucky Star “Whenever I read about injustices people have suffered in the past, I feel floored to have been born with luxuries of freedom and personal autonomy. Also, anytime I cook something I haven’t attempted before and I don’t give myself food poisoning, I count myself one lucky individual.”

Zodiac “I was born in October, so I’m a Libra. I just barely looked up its description for the first time, and it’s got me pegged. How cosmic!”


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