2020 Fab 40: Laura St. Onge


Laura St. Onge, Thanksgiving Point Whiz

Age 51 • Alpine • Libra

Describing Laura takes a lot of commas. She was recently honored as the Employee of the Year at Thanksgiving Point, she has hiked 2,000 miles each year since she moved to Utah, she has a daylily named after her (“Lusty Laura St. Onge”), and she has spent 38 years working in nonprofits. But that list doesn’t include her years at the University System of Georgia, her status as a “plant freak” who used to own a landscaping company, or the thousands of students she has positively influenced in formal or informal ways. Although Laura and her husband, Drew, moved to Utah to retire, her fingerprints are now all over Thanksgiving Point, where she is the mastermind behind events, campaigns, improvements and vision.

Shoot for the Stars “We’re gearing up for an amazing 25th anniversary year of Thanksgiving Point, where we are honoring the Ashton family. We’re working on writing our next chapters with a new Farm Country and ongoing campaigns.”

Starry-Eyed “I would love to meet Coach Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes, who is my favorite quarterback. I’m a huge sports buff! I’ve won the St. Onge Fantasy Football League three of the past six years, complete with a huge trophy.”

Wish Upon a Star “I wish that my husband’s cancer won’t return and that my 23-year-old son, Jonathan, will live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.”

Lucky Star “I was sitting in my physical therapy office and won a season pass to Solitude. I love skiing, kayaking and hiking. I am always trying new hobbies and adventures.”

Zodiac “As a Libra, balance is vital to me. I strive for harmony.”


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