2020 Fab 40: Natalie Madsen


Natalie Madsen, JK! Studios Co-Founder

Age 30 • Provo • Gemini

In 2018, Natalie and the other nine original cast members of BYUtv’s Studio C joined forces to create the comedy network JK! Studios. Since leaping into the independent venture, the JK! Studios team has fulfilled its dream of creating original content by blending marketing with humor and working with brands such as Purple, Jane.com and FiberFix. In summer 2019, Natalie was one of six JK! Studio members to compete on the NBC show, “Bring The Funny” in Los Angeles. This actress, writer and mom of three also teaches High Fitness classes at the Provo Rec Center each week. What a kick!

Written in the Stars “Honestly, I feel like I was destined to bring joy to people. I’ve heard a few times about kids and adults going through something like chemo and watching our videos every day to get through it. And that’s it! That’s my why!”

Shoot for the Stars “In 2020, my goal is to have more focused energy for my business and my family. JK! Studios has a goal to go on tour, release more sketches, and get a show on a major network, and we are hustling to make it happen!”

Out of This World “The craziest and riskiest thing I’ve ever done was to walk away from a sure thing like Studio C! I will forever love my time there, and I’m so grateful for it. We took a crazy leap of faith to make comedic content that we own for families to watch together on JK! Studios. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone every single day!”

Wish Upon a Star “My go-to wish is for Beyonce to be my friend. I’ll keep you posted.”

A Star is Born “Besides when I got married and when my kids arrived, this past year has probably been the most defining time in my life. So much of life is building a ship that’s already at sea, and there’s nothing like an experience of starting a business with your friends that either builds you or breaks you.”

Lucky Star “I feel lucky every day! I get to wake up and be with my healthy children and exercise my working body and then go write jokes and figure out how to take them from idea to reality. And then we post our content and people actually watch it!”


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