2020 Fab 40: Nicole Hadlock


Nicole Hadlock, Program Director

Age 40 • Lehi • Scorpio

About two years ago in the midst of a personal trial, Nicole switched from mortgages to Bridle Up Hope, “a very unlikely transition but an inspired one,” Nicole says. Now as the program director at the equestrian nonprofit in Alpine, Nicole spends her days facilitating Bridle Up Hope’s goal of helping girls cultivate hope through equestrian training and Stephen Covey’s famous habits. Nicole has one son, one daughter, one son-in-law, two puppies, and one fish named Elbert after Elon Musk and Albert Einstein.

Written in the Stars “I feel like building hope, confidence and resilience in girls is my life’s calling. Our Alpine headquarters has become a haven for many girls, including myself.”

Shoot for the Stars “I want to travel the world! I am a baseball fan and want to go to a game at every major league baseball stadium. Skydiving and scuba diving with sharks are also on my bucket list! Professionally, I want to bring Bridle Up Hope’s mission to girls around the world. I want girls everywhere to have an amazing place where they can go to learn life skills through the ‘7 Habits’ and equestrian training.”

Wish Upon a Star “The actual wish changes, but the ending is always the same: ‘If not this, then something better.’ That way, if what I want isn’t in store for me, I don’t block something better coming my way.”

Starry-Eyed “Elon Musk is an idol of mine. The man has an unparalleled mind. To think he is working on bringing electric vehicles, clean energy, space travel to Mars and developing artificial intelligence all at the same time is mind blowing!”

Zodiac “I am a Scorpio through and through: Hard headed, a fiercely loyal friend and sarcastic (always a struggle). I value honesty and trust above all else. I get back up when knocked down. There are definitely pluses and minuses to these traits, but I am proud of who I am, especially after facing adversity.”


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