2020 Fab 40: Parker Gentry


Parker Gentry, Founder of Skill Struck

Age 24 • Orem • Aquarius

Skill Struck started as summer coding camps, jumped to “piano lessons of coding,” and has now morphed into a curriculum used by 20 schools across the state of Utah. And Parker founded this venture as a sophomore studying entrepreneurship at BYU. This new father is especially committed to bringing computer science to minority groups. Skill Struck has hosted coding nights for Spanish-speaking families. He’s working on ways to bring the Skill Struck experience to refugees and Native Americans. When he’s not spreading the Skill Struck curriculum, Parker loves spending time with his wife and baby.

Written in the Stars “I hope to be known as someone who improved education by engaging different student demographics, empowering them with technology skills and instilling confidence that they can try new things.”

Shoot for the Stars “I set a personal goal to teach a million kids how to code. We’re a couple thousand into that.”

Out of this World “Starting a business is very risky, and luckily I did it when I didn’t have a kid or a mortgage. I was extremely naive. Had I known how hard it would be, I would’ve been more reluctant to do it. But I don’t regret anything.”

A Star is Born “Last summer we held some of our first community code nights. Over 150 people came to that first code night. We wanted families to learn how to make their own website. Watching the families and kids light up while using our product and learning something meaningful motivated me to continue. It also expanded my vision for what we can do.”

Lucky Star “We’ve been so lucky with the timing of state funding and the urgency the schools are having with our industry. It aligned with where our product and company was at the time.”


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