2020 Fab 40: Roger Livingston


Roger Livingston, R&R Barbeque Co-Founder

Age 61 • Canyon Rim • Scorpio

Meet one of the Rs behind R&R Barbeque. About 15 years ago, Roger teamed up with his twin, Rodney, to compete in barbecue competitions. Together, they earned nine grand championships and six reserve championships. They then took their recipes to the restaurant space, opening up R&R Barbeque. In 2016, Four Foods Group partnered with R&R, helping to make the current nine locations possible. While growing up in Huntington Beach, this barbecuing king was also an award-winning surfer.

Written in the Stars “I feel like we were destined to create an incredible brand and either see it through until the end or know when to call it quits.”

Shoot for the Stars “I have a wonderful family I’m very close to. Since moving to Utah 25 years ago, I have made many friends who are important to my life. I look forward to us growing the business, retiring in Cabo, and spending time with family and friends — and surfing!”

Out of This World “Riskiest thing? Opening a restaurant on a one-way street with no parking and no experience. Next would be surfing in Bali with 25-foot waves at age 60. All I thought about was how they would ship my body back home.”

Wish Upon a Star “I wish I end up near a beach with Brenda in good health and still able to surf!”

Starry-Eyed “I really admire people who are able to show strength through life struggles such as surviving or having cancer or losing a child. I’m impressed with how they handled it and survived!”

A Star is Born “I want to be known as a fair, transparent, honest and giving person. I have been lucky to meet people who have become great friends who have helped me grow personally. The journey is as important as the end.”


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  1. AvatarRobert Hamblin Reply

    congrats my friend !!! You and Brenda deserve everything you’ve work so hard for !!! KEEP SMILING !!!!!

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