2020 Fab 40: Scott Root


Scott Root, Wildlife Ambassador

Age 56 • Springville • Aquarius

Scott is living the dream of having his occupation and his hobbies align. For the past 29 years, Scott has been the public relations and outreach manager for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. In this capacity he connects people with nature through wildlife presentations, wildlife watching events, photography and film. Off the clock, Scott enjoys setting trail cameras to film the animals in Utah’s backyard. In one video, for example, he filmed a mother deer protecting her fawn from two coyotes. View his videos on YouTube under “Scott Root Wildlife Videos.”

Written in the Stars “My career epiphany hit me in college one summer night while I was sitting under the stars. When I realized I wanted to use my art and photography skills, be outdoors and have a career of service and education, I wondered if the Utah Fish and Game had any public relations jobs. I could not sleep that night because I was excited to call and ask if they had jobs like this.”

Shoot for the Stars “My goal is to continue making interesting wildlife videos and taking great photos in my spare time (as well as being a good person and working hard for DWR). I also like taking old photos of my parents and grandparents and making video slideshows of their lives as part of my responsibility to do family history.”

Wish Upon a Star “I have been under a sky full of stars many times in my life and after giving up my shooting star wishes on winning a million dollars, I now just thank God for this beautiful world and state we live in and for the wonderful life and family I have been given.”

Lucky Star “I feel lucky every day. As a young man, I remember the morning alarm clock going off and not being excited about my day. Now, I wake up and joyfully look at my schedule to see what adventures await me.”

Zodiac “The zodiac signs mean nothing to me, as I never did imagine millions of people would have the same type of day as I am having. Make your own things happen. And better yet, help others make things happen to have a better future.”


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