Valerie Kukahiko, Co-Founder of Crust Club

Age 36 • Highland • Aquarius

In 2016, Valerie took a leap of faith for a piece of the pie in Utah’s food industry. Valerie and her husband, Tyler, started Crust Club, a food delivery company that produces thousands of sweet and savory pies, cookies and other foods. Crust Club provides a home-style meal that can be gifted to a loved one or scheduled to simplify the dinner hour. They deliver and ship to Utah, Nevada and Colorado. Besides having four children, Valerie says running a business is the hardest and most fulfilling thing she and Tyler have ever done together.

Written in the Stars “I love good food and recipe creation. If I blend those things, I’m doing what I’m meant to do.”

Shoot for the Stars “My biggest goal is to have drive-thru locations dot the nation to provide ultimate convenience for our ‘Crustomers!’ Our first drive-thru will be finished and ready to go later this year.”

Starry-Eyed “I’d be pretty starstruck if I met the Rock. Not only is he a great businessman and one of the hardest workers I have ever seen, but he reminds me of Tyler. We get comments all the time that Tyler sounds and looks him. I tease Tyler that he’s a mini version of The Rock, even though Tyler is one of the biggest guys I know!”

Lucky Star “I know it sounds cheesy — but marrying Tyler was the best thing I have ever done. He is my rock (pun intended), my biggest cheerleader and best friend. Crust Club wouldn’t exist or function without him.”

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