Bonny Skarstedt — 2020 High Schoolers Who Will Change the World


Bonny Skarstedt

Utah County Academy of Sciences

Parents Ethan & Kristina Skarstedt

When Bonny was 11, her family biked 2,000 kilometers of the Alaska-Canada Highway, surviving a bear attack and eating re-hydrated food. Clearly, she thrives in the “discomfort zone.” After starting her high school years at Westlake, she left familiar surroundings and transferred to the STEM-centric Utah County Academy of Sciences (UCAS).

Future plans BYU this fall. Bachelor’s degree in mathematics before serving a mission. I’d like to be involved in sports and arts while I am at BYU. My goal is to become a more balanced individual.

Guilty pleasure Following politics. I find listening to political debates fascinating.

How will you change the world? By searching for and acting on truth in every situation.

School spirit Everyone is at UCAS because they are trying to get the best education possible. There isn’t a lot of drama because we are all too concerned with trying to accomplish our goals. UCAS has changed my life.

Best advice My grandma told me to always be kind, because you will never regret being kind, but will always regret being cruel.

Stress management I don’t really manage stress. I think stress is a sign you are doing something difficult. The only way to alleviate it is by doing the difficult thing.

Favorite subject Definitely math. It is the purest form of communication we have because it is completely internally sound. All other fields of study, including biology, are based upon it.

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