Cassandra Nelson — 2020 High Schoolers Who Will Change The World


Cassandra Nelson 

Rockwell Charter High School

Parents Dwight & Christy Nelson

If there is an activity, sporting event or opportunity for involvement at Rockwell Charter High School, you will find Cassandra there. From athletics (track and volleyball) to arts (drama) to academics (valedictorian), Cassandra tops the list.

Future plans UVU studying biology with a pre-medicine track. Become a doctor.

Motto “If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.”

Guilty pleasure Eating Oreos and watching Netflix.

Lessons from a challenge My mom has a lot of medical issues that have been difficult to cope with. However, it has taught me that adapting and accepting situations is the only way to move on from them.

Common parental phrase “What time are you going to be home?”

Change the world I want to become a doctor so I can help people and find new and better ways to heal others.

High school memories Drama competitions, track meets, sports games, assemblies and school dances.

School spirit I loved that I was able to participate in so many activities and made friends in each of them. My teachers were also incredibly caring and helped me in so many ways.

Best advice Don’t let other people write your story.

Stress management I write out all of the tasks I need to accomplish, rank them by priority and remember to breathe. I also like to eat junk food.

Favorite subject History because my teacher made it really fun and was a great friend to me.

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