Charles Wright — 2020 High Schoolers Who Will Change The World


Charles Wright

American Fork High School

Parents Joel & Marisa Wright

Charles’ self-deprecating charm led students at American Fork High to elect this funny man as their student body president.

Future plans Serve an LDS mission. Go to BYU and start the first fraternity. Get married before being kicked out of the YSA ward. Start a career as an Amazon delivery guy then work my way up the corporate ladder until I take Jeff Bezos’ job. Become the best dad for my kids. Let my wife know everyday that I love her. Also become the most successful wake boarder to ever come out of northeastern Utah County.

Guilty pleasure Eating 6,000 calories of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream while sending texts to different group chats to stir up drama.

Lessons from a challenge I have an older brother who dealt with anger and depression. He often showed his frustration by throwing me into drywall or by calling me a weak Disney character. He taught me about working hard and making connections with people who are different from me.

Common parental phrase “Don’t tell them we are your parents!”

High school memories Fires up AF Canyon, cabin trips with friends, boating, making TikToks, student council, disco skate night, and getting pulled over by a cop and not getting a ticket.

School spirit The vibe. My school is kind, loving, friendly, funny, and supportive. When you walk in the door you get a good feeling.

Best advice Grades are not everything.

Stress management Screaming in my car, singing Kanye West songs, playing guitar, skiing so fast the ski patrol gets mad at me.

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