Gage Blackwell — 2020 High Schoolers Who Will Change The World


Gage Blackwell 

Lehi High School 

Parents Steve & Jeri Blackwell

Gage is known by a few names. He’s the “What’s up, Lehi?” dude of Lehi High School. He’s an Eagle scout, section leader and a llama trainer. He’s also a visionary — showing an uncanny ability to find solutions to problems others don’t see. It’s one of the things that also gave him the distinction as one of Utah Valley Magazine’s high schoolers who will change the world.

Future plans Serve a mission and then study marketing and/or communications at BYU.

Motto “Less drama, more llama.”

Guilty pleasure Microwave quesadilla.

Lesson learned One time there was this world-wide pandemic that shut down school for a while. Maybe you remember it. It taught me to appreciate school and not take it for granted.

Parental phrase “Did you get any breakfast?”

Change the world I want to show people you can work hard and be committed to something while still having fun.

High school memories Our football team won the state title! Also, we had an epic school wide Nerf war tournament.

School spirit Lehi is the most inclusive school around! There is a culture of solidarity and kindness. Also, being under construction is pretty cool.

Best advice Wash your hands and stay at least six feet apart.

Stress management Laugh louder and work harder.

Lord of the Llamas I raise Llamas — and one of them is named Cuzco.

Favorite subject Math. Everyone else hates it, so I may as well like it.

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