Louisa Porter — 2020 High Schoolers Who Will Change The World


Louisa Porter

Pleasant Grove High School

Parents David & Nola Porter

Louisa has moved every three years since she was 5. She uses each fresh start as a way to reinvent herself. When she moved to Pleasant Grove two years ago, she found herself excelling on stage as the Wasatch Front Vocal Performance Sterling Scholar and voted “Next Broadway Star” by her class.

Future plans BYU classical vocal performance program in hopes to become a voice teacher.

Guilty pleasure Mini M&Ms. I always keep a stash in my room.

Lesson learned The biggest thing I learned from moving is the importance of being happy right now. You should set goals, but the way to find joy is to recognize you’re not perfect and be content with where you’re at right now.

Parental phrase “Where are you?”

Change the world The biggest impact I can leave on a person is letting them know they have the power to change the world, too.

High school memories Performing at the Eccles Theater in SLC as a finalist for the Utah High School Musical Theater Awards. Singing Christmas songs around Temple Square with my choir. Participating in the homecoming pageant and losing my voice at every football game!

School spirit When we moved to Utah, my parents allowed me to choose where we would live. I toured nine schools, and I knew the second I walked into Pleasant Grove that it was for me.

Growing into the spotlight In ninth grade, I decided I didn’t want to be the shy girl anymore. I forced myself to talk to new people. I raised my hand even if I wasn’t sure I had the right answer. I got to know my teachers. I joined clubs. Having courage changed my life.

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