Michelle Arias — 2020 High Schoolers Who Will Change The World


Michelle Arias

Timpview High School 

Parents Daniel & Clara Arias

Michelle’s success is formulaic. Dedication + Talent = Achievement. While she has achieved success on the dance floor and stage, she knows math is where her future lies. This trigonometry wiz has heeded the frequent words of her parents: “Math will take you anywhere, hijita.”

Future plans Receive a mechanical engineering degree and go to medical school. Be a cardiovascular surgeon or use my engineering knowledge to develop medical technologies.

Motto You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.

Guilty pleasure I love dancing in my room like it was a party.

Change the world The lack of women and Latinas in the engineering field is prominent. Having a strong Hispanic heritage, I want to inspire young minds of all backgrounds to accomplish big things in their communities.

High school memories After 140 hours of practice, my formation ballroom team placed ourselves in first division at nationals. We were the top high school in the nation. It felt amazing!

School spirit There’s a lot of science- and math-orientated people in my circle. Everyone is extremely involved in what they love.

Best advice You won’t know how to love others if you don’t know how to love yourself first.

Stress management Listening to music with the squad. I love disco, classic rock and indie rock.

Puzzles My father introduced me to mathematics using simple little riddles during car rides.

Favorite subject As a girl who loves to get questions answered, mathematics gives a gorgeous explanation of how our complicated world works.

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