Rebeca Fuentes — 2020 High Schoolers Who Will Change The World


Rebeca Fuentes 

Provo High School

Parents Debra & Alejandro Fuentes

Rebeca thrives on a deadline. Whether it’s self-determined to keep her on track academically or one related to her role as yearbook editor (two years running), she keeps on schedule and on task. Her discipline and time management are taking her to BYU in the fall.

Future plans BYU studying advertising.

Motto “When given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind.”

Guilty pleasure Shoes, In ‘n’ Out, and rom-coms.

Common parental phrase “Thank you.” As the oldest child, I help out a lot with my younger siblings and they are constantly grateful.

Change the world I want to make the world a happier place one smile at a time and by helping people find joy in the little things.

High school memories I absolutely loved the social part of school! Homecoming, games, senior sunrise, assemblies, dances and more. I love spending time with friends, Friday night hot-tubbing and campfires. (This quarantine thing is killing me.)

School spirit I love the genuine connection I have with students, teachers and staff. When I walk into Provo High, I always feel loved. I left school every day knowing people cared about me.

Habla Español Being bilingual is important to me. I use Spanish to help others whenever I can. I love watching telenovelas to stay up on the most recent Mexican slang and get a kick out of the TV drama.

Favorite subject More than a particular subject, I love it when I can connect with my teachers. My parents always told me you don’t take a class, you take a teacher.

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