Richard A. Ottley

Utah Military Academy – Camp Williams

Parents Richard & Jill Ottley

Cadet Richard is appropriately dubbed “Captain America” at his high school (which is a military school filled with local “Captain Americas”). O Captain! Our Utah Valley captain.

Future plans Earn a degree in engineering at United States Military Academy in West Point, N.Y.

Motto “In time, there will be a time — when that time comes, you take the window of opportunity — for in time, there may never be a time again.”

Guilty pleasure I read newspapers between classes, which a lot of my fellow students find weird.

Plans to change the world Becoming an officer in the Army right after graduating from West Point will put me on a path of influence to change the world.

High school memories My favorite memories revolve around sports. Everything from practice, to game days, to locker room speeches are going to be missed.

School spirit I love the influence of the military at my school. Though strict, the military creates a bond unlike any other. Every day, I’m surrounded by fellow students who share similar goals.

Best advice “Don’t give up. To give up is to quit. To quit is to leave your team. Your team needs you. Don’t give up.”

Stress management I workout, listen to music, or work on projects or subjects I know I can complete without much effort.

Ready to help I have many hours of tutoring (mostly in mathematics). I am also part of my communities CERT team.

Favorite subject Mathematics. The more you learn, connections you make, and patterns you find will make seemingly impossible equations seem like two plus two.

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