Sydney Ward — 2020 High Schoolers Who Will Change The World


Sydney Ward

Salem Hills High School

Parents Jennie & Evan Ward

Sydney is already changing the world by getting students at her school registered to vote so their voices can be heard.  She has also arranged for roundtables with legislators. We vote for Sydney!

Future plans Study political science and civic engagement leadership at BYU.

Motto “How will you know if you never try?”

Guilty pleasure I spend too many hours listening to music instead of being productive.

Parental phrase “Take a break.”

Change the world I want to collaborate in building a digital democracy. Connecting social media to everyday engagement with the government is important.

High school memories Being with my debate team. Often disguised as research sessions, I can’t say substantive work got done, but we had fun. No matter what happened, we were a family first and competitors second.

School spirit Our school emphasizes mental wellness. Though school is stressful, my administrators and teachers care about how I’m doing beyond my grades.

Best advice Learn to humanize other people; no one is as intimidating as you think they are.

Stress management I want to give 100 percent, 100 percent of the time. So I have to stay present and spend time away from my projects. A well organized calendar (thank you, color coordination) and taking time with friends helps.

Sticker shock I’m the most passionate person about “I Voted” stickers you’ll ever meet.

Favorite subject History and government. Learning about how other eras of history have made it through complicated issues provides a blueprint for us.

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