Milking It: Best Ice Cream, BYU Creamery


Photo credit BYU Dining Designs

BYU Creamery represents more than an affordable scoop. To current students, it might mean a first date and break from studying. To alumni it represents the time of life when they found themselves and their life-long favorite flavor. To community members, it’s the spot to celebrate or mourn after a basketball game.

“It’s the place where you can make connections. You see roommates or FHE groups coming in. It’s a community destination. When the temples are open you see youth groups doing baptisms and then they come in to finish the activity. It’s a place for both campus and community. We tie Provo and BYU together at the Creamery,” says department secretary for BYU Dining Services Wallis Rothlisberger, who spent hours serving BYU Creamery patrons as a college student.

Here’s the scoop on 10 tidbits you might not have known about the ice cream voted No. 1 by Utah Valley Magazine readers.

  1. Best Sellers The most popular flavors of BYU Creamery ice cream: First vanilla, second Graham Canyon, third Cookies and Cream, fourth Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and fifth chocolate.
  2. Great Gallons In 2019, the BYU Creamery produced 205,930 gallons of ice cream.
  3. And The Award Goes To … Utah Valley Magazine has hosted the Best Ice Cream category for seven of the 19 years of our Readers Choice contest. The BYU Creamery has placed in the top three ice cream shops in Utah Valley six times, including this year.
  4. 37 Flavors Currently, the Creamery serves 37 flavors, but this number fluctuates when they launch new flavors inspired by holidays or BYU icons.
  5. Tongue Twisters Sometimes the creamery creative team takes risks. In 2001, Director of BYU Dining Services Dean Wright imagined Fire and Ice, which was cinnamon apple ice cream with Tabasco sauce. BYU Magazine dubbed this the “flavor most feared.” Holidays often spur ice cream imagination as well. In 2009, the team created and sold “Witch’s Brew,” which was an orange sherbet ice cream with a licorice swirl for Halloween. This flavor reappeared behind the counter in 2017.
  6. Cool Ride Often the BYU Creamery will cater BYU alumni events across the country. The side of the truck that transports the campus comfort food says, “Follow me to the Graham Canyon.”
  7. A Lick of Local All milk for Creamery ice creams come from the Deseret Dairy Farm in Elberta, Utah, and all ice creams are produced at the Culinary Support Center on BYU campus.
  8. Scoops for Miles BYU Creamery ice cream accompanies the BYU football team to every bowl game they attend. The furthest they have shipped its creamy scoops is Honolulu, Hawaii.
  9. A Freshman Perspective In 2012, the BYU Creamery started the tradition of launching a Freshman Flavor at new student orientation each fall. The first Freshman Flavor was Mint Brownie, which pays a tasteful tribute to the iconic brownies created by BYU catering.
  10. Reinventing the Scoop Executive chef John McDonald and the creamery crew have created several specialty flavors after BYU presidents, coaches and events. The first person-inspired flavor was LaVell’s Vanilla. Other Cougar originals include Woosh Cecil after President Cecil Samuelson and Rose’s Sneakerdoodle after Coach Dave Rose.

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