5 Tips for Lawn Care from Stewarts Lawn


Stewarts Lawn won first for Best Lawn Care in the 2020 Best Of Utah Valley contest. Stewarts Lawn was founded in 1972 and has locations in Utah, Salt Lake and Davis Counties.

Make the grass greener on your side of the fence this summer with these five lawn care tips from Rick Stewart, owner of Stewarts Lawn, Tree & Pest Service.

  1. Fertilize On The Clock Create a fertilizer schedule with applications four to six weeks apart, and then stick to it. Lawns love consistency. Hit and miss fertilization isn’t good for root development.
  2. No Gap Year Don’t take a year off. Lawns have a natural lifespan. As they get older they thin out, collect weed grasses and get more difficult to care for. Sometimes when a homeowner gets off to a bad start one year, they decide to do nothing and let the lawn go until the next spring. Mistake! It is never too late in the year to start caring for your turf. A summer of neglect takes years off the life of your lawn.
  3. Longer Blades Mow your lawn a little higher. It can be tempting to mow your grass low because it looks clean, but Utah’s bluegrass lawns are happiest with three inches or more of height. Longer blades resist disease, cool the down roots and help smother weeds.
  4. Water Ahead Try to see hot weather coming and increase watering ahead of the heat wave. A lawn can turn brown in a few days ­­­— and it takes three to four weeks of proper watering to bring it back. In addition, lawn grubs and weeds thrive in dry grass. Your lawn should always be moist.
  5. Double Up Water two times a day. Many people have problems with water running off the lawn and down the gutter without penetrating to the roots. Try watering for half the time, wait an hour for the water to soak in, and then water a second time.

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