40 Under 40: Abigail Keenan


“We live in a world of distraction. I find that quiet, silent moments iron out most big problems.”

Abigail Keenan Photography • Founder • Alpine + L.A. • Age 24

Abigail Keenan is a storyteller — and she’s not throwing away her shot. The talented photographer specializes in sports, travel, corporate campaigns, and weddings. Keenan has always had an eye for the story. She spent her middle and high school years photographing people, events and yearbook memories. Then she went on to BYU where she studied journalism and new ways to craft truthful moments. Her work has been featured in People Magazine, the Bravo Network, The Knot, and Ezra Lee Design Build. Before Covid-19 hit, Keenan was working for the L.A. Lakers on their marketing team and shooting iconic images of the gold and purple powerhouses. As for the future? More photos to come …

CHILDHOOD DREAM “A bee keeper. Hahahahaha.”

DREAM MOMENT “Photographing Kobe Bryant at one of his last Lakers games. I got an image of him and his agent Rob Pelinka I will cherish forever.”

ULTIMATE DREAM “Tell compelling stories that make others think twice about an experience or individual.”


MASK MOJO “My mom made me a mask. Since I’m not really a floral kind of girl, I jumped at the cow print fabric.”

QUARANTINE IN A NUTSHELL “Living the sugarfree version of my life.”

QUARANTINE HIGHLIGHT “Spending time with my parents.”

QUARANTINE LOWLIGHT “Not being able to watch sports or work the NBA playoffs.”

QUARANTINE OUTFIT “Biker shorts with big oversized tees.”

QUARANTINE INSPIRATION “I have loved disconnecting and going for walks.”


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