40 Under 40: Allison Lew


“We’re so much stronger together. Life is better when you realize you’re not alone.”

Braid Workshop + Sego Awards + Blip • Founder + CEO • Provo • Age 32

Allison Lew is a powerful arm of our business world. She founded Braid Workshop — an incredible community for women entrepreneurs. She co-founded the Sego Awards, which celebrates excellence among female entrepreneurship in Utah. And she is the head of People and Culture at Blip — a fast-growing electronic billboard business that is revving up its industry. Lew knows “relationships equal economic power,” so she’s linking arms with a community of young leaders and changing the conversation for the next generation. Now that’s staying power.

CHILDHOOD DREAM “Ballerina. Architect. Chemist.”

DREAM MOMENT “A mentee told me they wanted to be me when they grew up, and my heart grew about 10 sizes that day.”

ULTIMATE DREAM “To become an angel investor. There are so many startups that could change the world if they got the funding to either kickstart or grow rapidly.”


MASK MOJO Lew sewed this black velvet beauty herself.

QUARANTINE IN A NUTSHELL “So tired … but hanging in there.”

QUARANTINE HIGHLIGHT “Being able to work with my hands more. I’ve been able to explore  more recipes and put some miles on my sewing machine.”

QUARANTINE SNACKS “Cheese and fruit, along with sparkling water and kombucha.”

QUARANTINE INSPIRATION “From the people around me. Every time I’ve felt discouraged, talking to family and friends has been so helpful. They share perspectives that equip me with a sense of empowerment. That’s the beauty of community.”


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